Learning Guitar
Playing the transverse flute

Emphasis from the very beginning is on student success and confidence. This is accomplished by a flexible and nurturing manner of the teacher and through the use of time-tested materials which lead students step-wise through the concepts of note reading, piano technique and basic music theory. Certificate of Merit available. 

The focus for guitar is on early development of strumming ability and chord formation. Lesson book materials are used for exposure to traditional note reading. The goal is to train the student to be a confident, well-rounded guitar player who can play chords in time, follow chord progressions for songs in a multitude of styles and receive exposure to riffs for future soloing ability. 


With Violin priority is on correct bowing, right hand technique, intonation and tone production. This is accomplished through
learning traditional Classical violin repertoire and etudes (exercises). Students are trained to be able to participate in orchestra in their school or community.

Brass and wind instruments are begun in the fourth grade. Emphasis is on basic technique for the chosen instrument:
embouchure production, breath control and fingering. Traditional band materials are used so players are exposed to note reading and repertoire which will allow them to participate in local student ensembles. Instruments taught: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Euphonium. Drums are also available upon request. 

Emphasis is on developing age-appropriate vocal development through vocal exercises, breath control and diction. This is accomplished in the lesson by choosing songs of interest to the student and preparing these pieces for performance. Students are educated on proper vocal production, fostering the student's own innate abilities and style. Grades two and higher, younger with approval of singing teacher.

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