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IMP Values


The IMP team ascribe to the belief that learning is a shared endeavor of both student and teacher. The student has their own learning style and needs; the teacher has the love and discipline of their craft and the skill and flexibility to impart these to many different types of students. 

Program Information


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Certificate of Merit


The Certificate of Merit program is a graded testing system developed by the Music Teachers Association of California. It is akin to the international testing program of the Royal Academy of music. It requires a 45-60 minute lesson each week and a commitment of diligent practice and completion of theory assignments.

A note from the Director


We are not just teaching music, we are teaching life skills. As the student learns music they are:

  • Becoming aware of their own learning styles, preferences and talents.

  • Challenged to tackle new problems.

  • Given opportunities to stand before others in their performances.

  • Learning a much needed leisure skill for stress reduction 

  • Maturing into future musicians, performers, arts professionals, and patrons of the arts. 


 Norma Bristol 

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